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I-Line 150 Polypropylene - 1.5 oz - 18in Wide

The ILINE 150 is a 1.5 oz Polypropylene made from spun bonded fibers.

Polypropylene is now the top material recommended for COVID-19 mask filters, as recommended by Health Canada. Note, this is a non-medical grade product.

Colour: White
Composition: 100% Polypropylene Spun Bond
Care instructions: Washable cold water only, and air dry. Do NOT put in dryer.
*No direct iron, as it will melt. Use a drop/pressing cloth between the iron and polypropylene

1. Main benefit is strength
2. Formaldehyde free
3. Mold resistant
4. Hydrophobic (water resistance)
5. Breathability
6. Washable

End Uses:
1. Geo Textiles (weed control, river, road erosion)
2. Furniture industry (used as a dust cover, decking)
3. Medical industry (masks, gowns, shoe covers)
4. Fashion Industry (interfacing)
5. Packing industries (suit bags, grocery bags, etc)