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'Mallard, Mallard, Moose' by Lori Doody

One early morning, just as the sun rose over Signal Hill, a moose came to town. He wasn't lost. He wasn't looking for food. He was trying to find a home for two mallard ducks who were following him everywhere he went.

Building on the success of Capelin Weather and The Puffin Problem, Lori Doody is back with a delightfully witty book about two mallard ducks who plague a moose. One day a moose walks into town, and inexplicably, two mallards tag along. The moose wants nothing more than to get rid of those pesky mallards, but they follow him everywhere. He can’t duck them at the harbour—they’re afraid of the seagulls; downtown, the pigeons give them pause. No matter where he goes, those mallards follow. Until, that is, the moose finds the perfect solution—duck, duck, goose.

With vibrant illustrations, and simple, playful language, Lori Doody has created another charming story for young readers and listeners.