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Sassy Sayings Iron-On Quilt Labels

Add sass to your quilt labels and gift tags with these humorous iron-on designs! Featuring cheeky sayings like: "Yes, I made it. No, you can't return it.", "This took FOREVER.", "Just because it's handmade doesn't mean it's cheap.", "If you don't like this, can I have it back?" and "If I got paid by the hour to make this, you couldn't afford it." Featuring 100+ snarky designs you can stitch, color, or paint, these customizable iron-ons give your handmade treasure the label it deserves. Each design comes in multiple sizes and will transfer several times.

  • Stitch, color, or paint these customizable iron-ons to give your handmade treasure the label it deserves!
  • Perfect for adding (more) drama to family and friend get-togethers!
  • Easy to use! Instructions and basic embroidery stitches included