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Three Servings: A second helping

It's back, and it's better than ever! 

Three Servings, the miscellany that celebrates the culinary joy that is Jiggs’ dinner originally published by Running the Goat in 2006, is back in print; this second helping has all the original boiled goodness of the first version, plus new hijinks and some haiku too.
Featuring writing by: Mary-Lynn Bernard, Michael Crummey, Mary Dalton, Andy Jones, Jesse McKeown and Marty Sexton, as well as individual haiku by Kay Anonsen, Angela Antle, Jack Botsford, Lori-Ann Campbell, William O. Kennedy, Dave Paddon, Kathleen Parewick, E.B. Reid, Michel Savard and Dick Whitaker, 
With linocut illustrations by Tara Bryan.
Letterpress-printed and hand-sewn, each copy comes in a pease pudding bag.