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LORI DOODY - Local Berries - Bakeapples - 1pc - 1m/39.5in

We are in love with Lori's 'Local Berries' prints!   4 different prints, featuring Newfoundland berries in a soft watercolour palette with a vintage vibe.


'The bakeapple, also known as the cloudberry, is a plump, golden-orange berry that looks like it is seconds away from bursting at the seams. 
Inside are some seriously hard seeds. But biting into one of these is a worthwhile risk for a taste of the delicate, honey-sweet flesh of this berry.

Indeed, bakeapples make it rather difficult to enjoy them. Aside from the aforementioned seeds, each plant bears only a single berry, and the plants grow in moist tundra and peat bog environments. Somehow, every Newfoundlander still manages to have their “spot” for a decent forage, and the whole family grabs their gumboots and buckets to head out for a pick around mid-August.'

Local St. John's artist, author and illustrator Lori Doody is well known for her witty, bright and quirky illustrations, with a gentle sense of kindness and community.

These exclusive designs are hand drawn and hand-coloured, then printed on 100% cotton. Lori's charming, whimsical drawings, featured in her many childrens' books, are replicated in these prints, resulting in a truly handcrafted finish.

We are SO excited about this collaboration!

100% Cotton
42/44in Wide