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LORI DOODY - 'Round Da Bay - Fishing Stages with Bay Border Print - Blue - 1pc - 1m/39.5in

Local St. John's artist, author and illustrator Lori Doody is well known for her witty, bright and quirky illustrations with a gentle sense of kindness and community.  Her Fishing Stages coordinate with her Bay House print.


fishing stage is a wooden building, typical of the rough traditional buildings associated with the cod fishery in Newfoundland. Stages are located at the water's edge or "landwash", and consist of an elevated platform on the shore with working tables and sheds at which fish are landed and processed for salting and drying. Traditionally, they were painted with a red ochre paint, though colours other than red are now often seen.

These exclusive designs are hand drawn and hand coloured, then printed on 100% cotton. Lori's charming, whimsical drawings, featured in her many childrens' books, are replicated in these prints, resulting in a truly handcrafted finish.

We are SO excited about this collaboration!

100% Cotton
42/44in Wide