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Essence Monofilament - 1,500yd - .004mm - Clear 60067

Essence is a soft nylon monofilament that perfectly blends into almost all light shaded fabrics.

Essence performs well as a needle and bobbin thread and eliminates the need for more thread colors due to its invisible look.

Available in .004 (1500yd Mini Spool) and .008mm (15300yd King Spool)


  • Once sewn in, Essence practically vanishes into the fabric
  • Soft to the hand, strong and translucent
  • Versatile thread and ideal for quilting, bead-stringing, crafts, and home decorations.
  • Available in clear and smoke colors
  • Low elongation and good sewability
Product Desc.Tex SizeMetric SizeStrength (lbs)Strength (grams)Needle Size (metric)Put-up
.004mm 8 .004mm 1.3 564 70 1500yd Mini Spool
.008mm 35 .008mm 4.6 2086 100 15300 King Spool