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LORI DOODY - Mummers - Multi on Grey

Local St. John's artist, author and illustrator Lori Doody is well known for her witty, bright and quirky illustrations with a gentle sense of kindness and community.  Her NEW Mummers print is one of the most anticipated fabrics of 2023!

About mummering, from HERITAGE NL:

'A tradition practiced in various forms for over 300 years, mummering, mumming, or janneying in Newfoundland and Labrador describes the practice of visiting several homes throughout an evening while dressed in a disguise.

Usually groups of friends or family will piece together their disguises using whatever they have around their homes. They might change their walk, talk, shape, or size-whatever it takes to make them unrecognizable to the hosts of the homes they visit. Upon entering a home, the hosts try to guess the identities of the mummers hidden behind some kind of mask. Once identified, the mummers remove their mask. The hosts then usually offer them drink and food. In many homes, a host would not offer a drink until they guess the mummer’s identity. With the lifting of the veil, the stranger becomes the friend and the whole group socializes until the mummers suit up and head out to the next home.'

These exclusive designs are hand drawn and hand coloured, then printed on 100% cotton. Lori's charming, whimsical drawings, featured in her many childrens' books, are replicated in these prints, resulting in a truly handcrafted finish.

We are SO excited about this collaboration!

100% Cotton
42/44in Wide

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